“We promise to value relationship; to stand by our part, on good relations with all people;
to honor and respect the crossing of paths…” ~ MorningStar Community Guiding Principle

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Peace on Earth. Birth First.

Follow simple and sacred around the world with Sister MorningStar

EmerGently!  - Normalizing birth for Global Peoples

I have three new passions and this is one of them. I have worked with Diana Paul (creator of the word EmerGently!) and Marina of Russia (graphics artist for the images) and Godwin of Zimbabwe (layout). The brochure is a free download for all the world. Donations for this project can be made at and proceeds go to the Global Midwifery Council in helping normalize simple and sacred birth around the world. Spread it far and wide and use on your websites and share with your families. My vision for the icon is that it become an international viewpoint in airports, hospitals, shelters, foot ball stadiums, etc. (like a toilet, running figure or bottle) where pregnant wimyn or laboring/birthing wimyn would know they have a safe space to be. A version will be done soon that can be laminated and can be shrank or enlarged for instructional purposes. These can go in fire stations, police quarters, hostels, shelters, hospitals, etc. for enduring and easy access. India has requested this first as conditions are inadequate for delicate brochure stands. Of course, as you know, that is my original intention. But the brochures will be useful as well for conferences, offices, fund raising, etc. It is a gift out to the world. May Creator use this to take the fear from birth and return joy and mystery to the beginning of life. ~ Sister to Sister

This pamphlet was designed by the Global Midwifery Council to address the crisis in childbirth worldwide. Simple graphics depict the most essential guidelines for a normal, healthy birth. Communicating directly without even the need for language, it is designed to assist safe birth in the deepest reaches of the planet.

The brochure heralds the restoration of birth as a normal process of a woman’s body rather than an illness, and of society as a protector of mothers and babies at birth. Every woman, man and youth should know these simple ways to help a birthing woman, emergency or not.

 Available as a free download or durable glossy brochures to put in clinics, shelters, fire and police stations, libraries, schools and hospitals.


Basic Disaster Birth Support Training

This training is for all citizens, not just birth keepers. BDBS prepares us to be the calm and knowledgeable support for a birthing mother when circumstances prevent her from reaching her planned site of birth. Did you know that simple actions like privacy, warmth, dim lighting and keeping baby in mother's arms with cord attached can save lives? If you or your group of colleagues or friends are interested in this training or Physiological Resuscitation of the Newborn or the EmerGently birth guide, please feel welcomed to contact sister morningstar with questions or to schedule a training.


Sister’s 2018 Travel Schedule

Spring   Hawaiian Islands 
October 15-22  Germany 


Donations may be made electronically through Paypal or contributions can be mailed to:

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Spiritual Pilgrimage

The Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Holy Mother, La Virgin de San Juan de Los Lagos, is hundreds of years old. Some say the pilgrimage pre-dates colonization. Beginning from the little village of Atotonilco, we walked 9 days over mountains and crossing streams along side children, elders, babies in rebozo, toddlers on shoulders and the devoted carrying crosses, banners and icons all the while chanting and singing. We began walking in the early morning hours before dawn; fireworks announcing the movement of the pilgrims. We left with a group of about 8,000 and arrived with nearly two million. Here is a glimpse of the journey in 2016. May the great love that carried us within this sea of humanity bring a miracle to you who behold these 100,000 images.

Consider a personal Retreat for Silence and Solitude

Rebecca Pryor Enjoying a Walk with Nature    



MORNINGSTAR AND IVY  MorningStar and Ivy


Personal Testimonies

I have had the miraculous honor of sharing this Holy Land with you, God and nature. The pure joy of setting aside all "civilized" thinking and behaviors is not only fabulous, but I have found it essential. I will carry my new-found wildness with me forever. And you can trust that I will be back for a fresh dose whenever possible. This is Real Living!

~Dawn Crystal Kleuser of Mid Missouri

I am full of gratitude for the blessing of being here at The Holyland. The incredible rocks, and trees with their dancing leaves shaken free by the breezes playing those trees like a harp. The insect symphony. The blue herons. The creeks. The quiet beauty... Miriam Rose of Portland Oregon



Thank you for providing such a wonderful, loving place for me to learn and grow. --Richard

Blue Moon Retreats

Blue Moon retreats are designed by groups of individuals who share a common value and focus. They organize themselves and plan their own activities in harmony with the homeless and vision of MSC. We host maidens, Red Earth Youth, Braves and many signature group retreats throughout the year. Below is an example of the enthusiasm by one of our mothers after a 2015 Braves retreat. Enjoy her word medicine and imagine the blue moon you might create with some of your like minded soulsters. Call or write for a reservation:

"BLESSED BE on our Braves! We had a wildly amazing, rich, blessed weekend!!! WOW. The Braves’ cups were filled up and overflowing and you could see it, taste it, smell it, hear it…. soulfully filled up! They played. They worked. They worked hard! They rested. They observed. They learned. They tried. They cried. They laughed. They struggled. They giggled. They created. They encouraged. They came back and tried again. They offered help. They created and participated in ritual. They did their own youthful boyhood work together. They connected. They were there for each other in so many ways.

"I did it!!!"
"You did it!!! Awesome!"
"This was the best weekend of my life!"
"Can I try?"

Howling Loud and Wyld!
Mama Alysia



Tipis are Sacred Lodges

Come and Renew your spirit in our Traditional Style Sacred Tipis!. Come alone, with your family or with a small group of friends. Our tipi is located in a meadow with a fire circle by a stream in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. Enjoy the ancient traditions along with the modern amenities of our companion guest cottage, Casita, with whirlpool, sauna, sitting room and small kitchenette. It is being used for Spiritual Gatherings, Personal Retreats and our famous Blue Moon Retreats. Blue Moon retreats became popular as small groups of people with common interests began to schedule time together and found the Tipi and Casita the perfect place. For reservation contact us: or 573.348.6288. Our Tipi door is open to you.

 tipi1  tipi2


Do naught with the body but relax
Shut firm the mouth and silent remain
Empty the mind and think of naught
Like a hollow bamboo.
Rest at Ease the Body
Giving Naught nor Taking
Put at Rest the Mind

--Tibetan Mantra

2017 MorningStar Womyn's Empowerment Award

  Recipient: Savita


2017 MorningStar Wimyns Empowerment Award this year goes to an international recipient. Savita lives and has birthed two breech daughters in Hyderabad India. This year she birthed her second daughter at 43 weeks with spontaneous labor and bottom first in a climate where the cesarean rate is 80% in local hospitals and 100% for breech presentation. Savita birthed out of hospital with a brilliant and powerful midwife and supportive staff. Her courage was quiet, clear , focused and faithful. Her devotion and determination grew with each passing day of cultural pressure. I? was privileged to witness her birth in power on 11 February 2017. As we sat together the day before her labor started she told me, “Sister, my child is a girl and she will be raised in India . She must be a strong womyn. How will she find her strength if she cannot even get herself born?” Savita, it is with great respect and honor that I? award you my humble acknowledge as a womyn who birthed against the modern current and by your example is one who uplifts, encourages, inspires and empowers other wimyn. Shanti to you and your Holstein and your children children, unto the seventh generation of your people. Blessed Be. Blessed Do. Sister MorningStar

Savita's response:
Hi Madam... We are very very happy and no words to reflect for all the love you and sister Morning Star are showing us ...We felt Mother of God's and angels were handling our births in the form Dr. Vijaya&, Sister Morning Star and staff ... Please accept our heartful gratitude... Also conve isy our tons and tons of Love to Sister Morning Star ... We feel like Universe had recognized us with this award

Church of Many Nations

The origin of Church of Many Nations birthed from a desire among various members of MSC to have spiritual expression regularly and within the growing and mutual love of their families. 

The first gathering was 1 January 2006.

We believe in the Great Spirit. We believe that each child is divine and comes from the Great Spirit and is a reflection of the Great Spirit among us. We believe in a one world family, the instinctual nature as sacred, the presence of our ancestors, and the passing on of wisdom through ritual and story telling. 

The gatherings are the first Sunday of each month. All are welcome.



The Way of The Church of Many Nations

Build fire, create altar
heartbeat drumming
People enter to the left 1
Smudging at the inner door

Enter the tipi moving to the left. An elder will use a feather fan to purify the members as they enter. Icons can be placed on the altar as you pass around the circle. An elder will lead the drumming of a tribal heartbeat sound. Anyone who wishes may sing “Ya na ho wey ya ho way nay”.

Wisdom/Talking Stick Sharing - An elder begins, offering time for reflection and opportunity to pass or speak. Those who pass may be given a second opportunity to speak.

To begin and end periods of silence one strong drumbeat will inform the circle that the silence begins or ends.

Sacred Prayers - An elder begins, members come forward and face fire and make prayers and toss sage or lavender in fire symbolizing the smoke carrying the prayers to the Great Spirit. Children may make silent prayers and toss in herbs with their parents. Flute sounds will carry the spoken and unspoken prayers to our ancestors.

Sacred Meal - An elder begins, offering gratitude for all that nourishes us. Anyone wishing may come forward for bread and wine or a blessing. (bring snacks for hungry children) Drumming the heartbeat of the tribe quietly may be done. One final long drumbeat signals the end of the meal.

A final drumming and chant ends the gathering.

The circle ends with all standing and offering the sign of mutual love - Arms lifted in a howl carries the power of the tribe to other tribes.

Depart the tipi moving opposite of entering and take home any personal icons from the altar.
A picnic in the meadow follows - all invited!!!


Ongoing World Peace Prayer Vigil

– Full Moon Nights– 9pm CST ~

Rhythmic and harmonious gathering is a conscious and effective way to contribute to world peace. MorningStar Community invites you to join us on full moon nights at 9PM to pause and offer the following or a similar heartfelt prayer.

Four Directional Prayer ~ For the People
  • To the East: Within us, Before us, Behind us, Around us, Life Eternal, Call us Awake.
  • To the South: Open our ears to the song of Creation.
  • To the West: Teach us that what must be said, must be said.
  • To the North: Commit us to our future, sustain us from our past, Great One, gift us Courage and Wisdom and Love.


Donations may be made electronically through Paypal or contributions can be mailed to:

22 Blue Jay Road * Kaiser, MO * 65047

Open the door for more. Give from your abundance.

Acknowledgements ~

This web site is the divine accomplishment and sacrificial love offering of many. We extend heartfelt gratitude and special acknowledgement to each of the following:


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